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Solving people transport and placement problems in the most speedy, reliable and efficient manner, Cleric software makes the difference when time and service delivery is critical; protecting patient outcomes, optimising flexible resource usage and minimising costs. A de-facto standard in the NHS, Cleric solutions include patient and special needs transport, real-time emergency medical services, community transport, fleet management, call centre and GIS systems..

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17 April 2015 Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust choose APTS

Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, who provide a full range ...

16 April 2015 Technical Notice - Document Handling

Latest development includes the system handling of documents to provide...

06 April 2015 Mobile Solution for EMS

Following the continued success of the PTS mobile solution release, Cle...

Mission critical solutions

Maximising operational efficiency and delivering timely and reliable management information, Cleric mission critical software solutions are robust and powerful. Easy to use and with the ability to be fully integrated with existing or legacy software, they are competitively priced, continuously enhanced and fully supported to ensure lasting reliability and performance with low cost of ownership.

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