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As the leading supplier of health, social and special needs passenger transport logistics systems to the public and private sectors, and with installations across the UK, Cleric offers enterprise resilient software solutions for typically handling up to 3000 people and 600 vehicles. Leading products include:

RESPOND 2 Ambulance Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch

State-of-the-art graphic command and control system with enhanced dynamic control function that helps build and consolidate control centre protocols and procedures.

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APTS Advanced Passenger Transport Services

The most powerful special needs passenger transport system available, with geospatial technology and scheduling features to provide ease of operation and optimum operating efficiency.

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Other Services

Cleric enterprise resilient systems are designed to operate in diverse multi-system environments and provide interoperability with an organisation’s primary communications systems, business support systems and specialist applications.

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For further information on Cleric products please visit our downloads page.


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