RESPOND-2 Ambulance Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch

The delivery of prompt high quality pre-hospital patient care is the primary objective of Ambulance Services. An appropriate response to incidents is a critical factor in patient outcomes and is reflected in the standards set by the Government to monitor performance. The success of this process can be influenced through the use of sophisticated IT and communication systems which provide real-time support during call taking and resource deployment. RESPOND-2, the new visual Computer Aided Dispatch system from CCS provides the core support system within the emergency Control Centre to aid the delivery of a fast high quality service. Based on the latest software technologies with real-time mapping and extensive communications systems interoperability, RESPOND-2 sets new standards in functionality, performance and cost of ownership.

The new graphical RESPOND-2 system reflects the latest thinking in the provision of dynamic computer aided dispatch and includes many new features. Incident logging is streamlined through the latest call taking technologies, data entry aids and intuitive design. This highly visual system includes the latest geospatial technology and provides an infinite range of user configuration options and display attributes. The system is supplied with a full set of user tools for modifying system data, pick-list maintenance, customizing map attributes, specifying warnings and countdowns and customizing displays. In addition to a full on-line help system, RESPOND-2 includes a range of user aids, tools and attributes.

The system handles Emergencies, Urgent journeys and routine patient transport and is compatible with Cleric APTS and Fleet Management systems and many Third Party products. CCS is an accredited integrator of MPC and RESPOND-2 is fully compliant with all Windows versions of ProQa and Psiam, and includes full integration of NHS Pathways and the latest 111 provisions. Based on open systems technology, RESPOND-2 includes a range of interfaces including radio, Call Connect, CMS, CLI EISEC/ALSEC, telephony, Adastra, mobile data, vehicle tracking, fleet management, HR, fax, eMail and Internet.

RESPOND-2 embraces the whole of the CAD operation from call taking, through triage and dispatch to service quality monitoring and reporting.

The system is designed to satisfy several major requirements:

  • Ease of use.
  • Speed of operation.
  • Resiliency.
  • Complete audit trail of all system transactions.
  • The flexibility to meet changing statutory, operational and information requirements.


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