Business critical systems demand high levels of support and rapid response to queries and system problems.

Cleric offers unrivalled levels of support that is well respected in the industry and backed by over 30 years experience – speak to our customers.

All calls are handled through our telephone 'help desk' and monitored through QA escalation procedures to ensure rapid response and fix times. Currently 95% of all calls are responded to within 2 minutes and 75% of all calls are signed-off within 20 minutes.

Cleric offers a range of standard software support options, ranging from basic 5 day cover to 24x7 cover agreements, and customised arrangements, to meet a customer’s exact requirements


Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. If we do not have satisfied customers who are prepared to make a positive recommendation about Cleric we do not have a sustainable future.

Our customers represent the future of our business so we make sure that we have the best possible relationships with them, understand the issues that affect them, act with integrity and regularly engage with them at all levels.

We develop our Service Delivery capabilities to support the needs and core businesses of our customers and the changing market. This helps to maintain our long-term relationships and contributes to the successes of our respective organisations.

Support contracts usually cover Cleric developed applications i.e. RESPOND-2, APTS, FLEETMAN, PTS Online Services, e-Gate applications etc.


15 November 2017 Ambulance Response Programme (ARP)
ARP - New Ambulance Response Standards: 
11 September 2017 Serco Group Limited Choose Cleric APTS
Serco Group Limited have choosen Cleric APTS for it's transport operat...
06 September 2017 South East Coast Ambulance Service - RESPOND 2
The phased roll out of the RESPOND-2 application has been planned for...

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Our customers are at the centre of everything we do - if we do not have satisfied customers we do not have a sustainable future.

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